Special Previews


Simon Christie of 4wdProTips briefly takes us through some of the best features of the high-quality Carryboy Canopy.

Carryboy canopies are a strong, secure and stylish addition for your ute or dualcab, increasing storage capacity while improving security.


Simon Christie and the 4WDTV team put the new Iveco Daily 4×4 to the test in the Flinders Ranges, Australia. They give us their opinion on the performance and comfort throughout their trip.

Check out the IVECO Daily 4×4 in action. Suitable to tackle muddy tracks, rough ground, steep slopes and slippery roads.


The Narva crew spend a weekend out on the tracks with 4WD TV and other like-minded 4WD companies; Mickey Thompson, Mean Mother and Terrain Tamer. Here we cover off all the different types of LED lighting we have on offer to make coming into your favourite campsite after dark safe and relaxed.

Jake from Narva discusses the differences in driving light technologies currently available on the market.

Treadz 4WD Jewellery

Being well established and award winning Jewellers (Delross.com.au) with a rewarding career in itself has been a joyful ride. However, when you add not just a hobby but a lifestyle of loving the outdoors, 4WDing, exploring and camping, 4WD Jewellery was always on the cards.

With a lifestyle like that you meet some wonderful likeminded folk with the same passions on more than one occasion, we have been asked to make some customised 4WD related jewellery. Which Treadz4WD Jewellery still specialises in. However, now we have the birth of an affordable range and very realistic and cool pieces for men or women to obtain!


Get a glimpse into the adventures that took place during the Offroad Icons trip through the Simpson Desert.

Our Off Road Icon the Nissan Patrol GQ is all ready to strut its stuff in the Simpson desert. Check out our Off Road Icons blog to dive deeper into her tie in the ARB Moorebank beauty parlour.


4WD TV Kimberley Trip Jul-Aug 2104.

In the final instalment of Pimping the Zook, we install the Dual Battery System and ARB Air Locker.


4WDAction finds out about the PlugNGo throttle controller

Andrew talks about dyno graphs and what those squiggly lines really mean.

Mean Mother

Using a tree trunk protector – Mean Mother 4WD recovery series

Outside of the blurbs on the cheap winches, the fact remains that cheap is cheap and you never really save when buying an inferior product. This video looks at some of the weak points of cheap winches and the quality manufacturing that goes into a reliable, functional and well valued winch.


Simon Christie (Host of 4WD TV) Introduces TRED Pro

Part 1 – TRED Pro Kickstarter – What Are Recovery Ramps?

360 Gearboxes& Diffs

Simon Christie visits 360 Gearboxes and Diffs to find out their available TOWPACK upgrades for 4WD gearboxes, ensuring the driveline can handle upgraded power output, larger tyres, towing and more.

Brian and Matt from 360 Gearboxes & Diffs describe the differences between the standard R151 gearbox and the heavy-duty H150/151 gearbox for Landcruisers and why you need a 360 TOWPACK for the R151 gearbox.